Tint Dallas Cosmetology and Makeup School Hair Styling Tip!

Dallas Tint School of Cosmetology Men’s Haircut Tip:

Get the Perfect Haircut

Dallas cosmetology school, Tint, know that women may dig Adam Levine’s tousled bedhead, but that doesn’t mean you should try and pull it off. “Many men pick hairstyles that look good on guys on TV and in magazines,” says Craig the Barber, CEO of the Grooming Concierge. “But those styles were designed specifically for those men and don’t necessarily work for everyone..Use this chart below to choose the right cut for your face type.

Oval: Symmetrical, with eyes evenly spaced and one eye-width distance between them. They can pull off any haircut, because the eyes, nose, and mouth are well proportioned.

Round: A full and round jaw line and in many cases, a round hairline. Styles with height will help lengthen the face.

Pear: Narrow forehead, broad jaw line. Opt for a “round” haircut with the sides equal to the top, which will help balance the face.

Triangular: Wide hairline, broad jaw line, and narrow chin. Keep your hair short so the top of your head isn’t the focal point.

Square: If your cheekbones, forehead, and jaw are the same width, you can pull off most hairstyles — except for flattops, which will make your face look even squarer.

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