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Beauty School Make Up Tip


Dallas Tint School of Cosmetology Flawless Face Tip:

Dallas Beauty School, Tint, believes that obvious foundation streaks, noticeable pores, redness around the nose — are all makeup blunders on par with a glaringly large flake of black pepper stuck between your teeth. These makeup faux pas can be avoided by adding one simple step to your morning routine: applying primer.Think of these products like the primer you’d use for painting a house. The goal is the same: to fill in any bumps, lumps, and uneven spots so that whatever you put on next starts on a smooth, even surface. In the case of your face, that would be concealer, foundation, or powder.

Tint Dallas Beauty School Nail Tip


Dallas Tint School of Cosmetology Strong Nails Tip:

Dallas make up artists school, Tint, advises nail-buffing great for nail health – and a glassy finish to polish. Buff your nails every time you do an at-home manicure – but never buff so hard or for so long that the nail starts to warm up; lightly do it.

Tint Dallas Beauty School Hair Tip


Dallas Tint School of Cosmetology Healthy Hair Tip:

Dallas beauty school, Tint, begs you to stop damaging your hair! No really, stop. You’re only hurting yourself here. We know you’re shivering when you jump out of the shower and that you just want to blast our hair with that warm blow dryer of yours, but if you care at all about having healthy hair, you will throw on a robe and do the right thing: properly prep your hair for heat styling. Any hair care expert will tell you that in order to prevent hair damage and breaking, it is crucial to apply some sort of heat protecting hair care product like a spray, serum, mousse or cream before subjecting your strands to high temperatures from irons and dryers.

Blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons weaken and/or destroy vital proteins in your hair as well as deplete your hair’s natural oils, which means frequent use of them requires extra maintenance. So to help you help yourself, we combed through the highest-rated styling products (according to Total Beauty readers, of course) and found which ones also boasted heat protecting properties in order to give you a cheat sheet to healthier hair.

The best part is that these products aren’t just going to keep your hair from getting fried, but they are also going to add shine, de-frizz, help straighten your hair or enhance natural curls — depending on the style you’re going for. Once applied, you can heat style your hair with confidence.

Tint Dallas Beauty School Make Up Tip


Dallas Tint School of Cosmetology Mascara Primer Tip:

Dallas’ cosmetology school, Tint, sees the benefits of eyelash primer are not limited to mascaras only but to any other eyelash product such as eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes or false eyelashes you might be using. If you have never used them before, there is a lot you could be missing. Some of the benefits of mascara primer include the following:
They are specially formulated to ensure they adhere well to your eyelashes and when you finally apply mascara, it will adhere firmly. They are very important way of avoiding flaking and smudging other than going for waterproof mascaras.
Mascara primer helps in creating a larger surface area. This will resort to thicker eyelashes when you finally apply your mascaras. For instance, some of them have small fibers, which cling to the eyelashes, and when you apply your mascaras, your eyelashes will look fuller. People who want to use different types of mascara such as matte or glossy can benefit from these products too.
Most of them are white in color and they can help in knowing where you have already applied mascaras and where you have not applied it. It will make application much easier especially for people have darker eyelashes since it is not easy to see where you have not applied mascaras.
It helps in conditioning eyelashes because it contains some nourishment for you lashes.

Beauty School Nail Tip


Dallas Tint School of Cosmetology Ingrown Nail Tip:

Dallas’ beauty school, Tint, knows that an ingrown toe nail can be painful and unpleasant. Here is a method that will allow your toenail to stop growing into your skin, along with some general pointers. It may even prevent you from having to get surgery to remove the ingrown toenail!

1. Soak your foot in a mixture of hot (or as hot as you can stand it) water and Epsom salt. Do this for 15-30 minutes at least twice daily. The goal here is twofold: to soften the toenail and prevent the ingrown nail from becoming infected.

2. Gather your tools and get ready. Get a cotton round or a cotton ball ready, a pair of tweezers along with something pointy (like a tool that helps you remove cuticles, for example).

3. Trim your toenail, taking extra care around the ingrown section. Make sure your toenail is cut perfectly straight without any pointed parts near the edges. Toenails that are rounded off have an increased likelihood of growing into the skin, causing ingrown nails.

4. Keep your toenail slightly raised. Putting a small piece of cotton between your toenail and the skin should keep the ingrown toenail from coming back.
From either the cotton round or the cotton ball, remove a small piece of cotton with the tweezers.
Hold the bit of cotton in the tweezers by the corner of the toenail that is ingrown.
Use something pointy to push the cotton under your toenail into the corner. Don’t push too hard or you will hurt yourself! The piece of cotton should form a little ball under your toenail in the corner. It doesn’t have to be so big that it sticks out from the top of your toenail, but make sure it is not too small either. If you firmly but gently pack as much cotton as is comfortable, you will have the right amount of cotton to do the job.
Remove cotton daily to cleanse area and replace with new cotton to reduce risk of infection.

5. Stop infection. Apply infection-preventing ointment to the site and keep it bandaged. Neosporin works fine for these purposes.

6. Give your toe some air! Don’t wear socks or shoes when you’re at home.

7.Check back. If you keep the cotton in place and treat your feet well, your ingrown toenail should grow back out within a few weeks.
Replace the cotton every day to keep the toe from becoming infected. If the toenail is painful, replace the cotton every other day, checking daily for infection.

Tint Dallas Beauty School Skin Tip


Dallas Tint School of Cosmetology Luscious Lips Tip:

Dallas’ cosmetology school, Tint, says that plump lips are all the rage, but maybe you feel like your lips simply can’t be plumped. Luckily, with some simple at-home solutions, there are ways to plump any type of lips.

1. Hydration is necessary for achieving plump lips. Drink water as often as you can and carry a good lip balm with SPF with you.
2.Before you get in the shower, rub a thick layer of petroleum jelly or honey on and around your lips but don’t wipe it off in the shower. The steam will help it to penetrate, giving you smooth lips. Wipe off any residue when you’re done.
3. Make your own stuff: mix a small of amount of honey and a small amount of brown sugar in a bowl then rub in on your lips for 3 minutes wipe it off and clean your lips off with a wet paper towel. Top it off with a layer of aquaphor once they are dry.
4. After brushing your teeth, use your toothbrush or a terrycloth towel to exfoliate your lips. This will also temporarily swell them. If your lips are really dry and flaking, then try a layer of Carmex, topped with a layer of petroleum jelly or Aquaphor when you go to sleep at night. You should wake up with soft, flake-free lips.
5. Invest in a good lip plumper that has MaxiLip or hyaluronic acid as an ingredient rather than an irritant like cinnamon oil (which will be painful and only temporarily swell your lips). Apply it once or twice a day. When applying, open your mouth as wide as possible to get the best effect.

Beauty School Make Up Tip


Dallas Tint School of Cosmetology Smokey Eye Tip:

Dallas cosmetology school, Tint, believes that a brown smokey eye is a great look if you want a dramatic look, without being too dark. The pop of gold on the inner third of the eye really brightens up the eye and adds a bit of light to make the eyes really stand out. This look works really well on all eye colors – brown, hazel/green or blue. If you’re light complected and don’t feel comfortable with a look this dark, you can soften it up a bit by skipping the black liner and using a deep brown or charcoal – or you can skip the liner all together. If you have small eyes, black on the waterline can make the eyes appear even smaller, so to avoid this, make sure the eyeshadow on your bottom lash line is extra smokey and extended out and apply a good coat of mascara to the bottom lashes. Adding a flesh toned, ivory or brown liner to your waterline is also an option to open up the eyes.

What you will need:
A matte, light brown eyeshadow
A dark brown eyeshadow
A shimmery brown eyeshadow
A gold eyeshadow
A light matte eyeshadow for the highlight
A black eyeshadow
A black eyeliner pencil
False Eyelashes (optional)

Tint Dallas Beauty School Hair Tip


Dallas Tint School of Cosmetology Cute Hair Style Tip:

Dallas cosmetology school, Tint, realizes that everyone wants something fun, fast, and easy to do with their hair when you’re constantly on the go this summer. Using a stretchy headband, you just take large sections of hair and wrap around the band, tucking in the loose strands. You can even do this with leaving half of your hair down or pull a few pieces of hair down in the front for a softer look.

Dallas Beauty School Nail Tip


Dallas Tint School of Cosmetology Cuticle Care Tip:

Beauty School, Tint, knows that cuticles may seem unnecessary (and rather unattractive), but when treated with care, they help protect the nail and surrounding skin. When improperly cut or ripped off, not only can they not function as they’re supposed to, but you can end up with an infection! By gently and carefully pushing them back, they’ll become much less noticeable and still be able to do their job of keeping your fingernails healthy. Your clean, hangnail-free fingertips will thank you later!

Skin Tip!


Dallas Tint School of Cosmetology Under-Eye Tip:

Dallas make up school, Tint, realizes that no one wants to have those dark circles or bags under their eyes. The skin under the eyes is considerably thinner than skin elsewhere on the body. Puffiness and dark circles in this area — caused by lack of sleep, excessive drinking and even hereditary factors — can age your face notably. Proper care can keep this skin looking smooth and youthful by reducing the damage. Without turning to the latest in chemical-laden skincare technology, a natural approach is quite effective in keeping such a delicate area looking its best.

Step 1: Remove makeup from your eyes gently. Use petroleum jelly instead of commercial makeup removers and a soft cloth or cotton ball. Wash your face with a mild soap and warm water. Hot water dries out the skin, so be sure that it’s lukewarm to warm.

Step 2: Reduce puffiness and discoloration under the eyes by placing a cold compress over the area for 15 to 20 minutes to bring down swelling. Cold cucumbers or a bag of frozen vegetables are effective substitutes for a cold compress.

Step 3:Apply raw, organic honey on the skin under your eyes, and let it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes before wiping it away gently with a warm, damp cloth. Use honey on your skin two to three times a week to help soften the skin and reduce visible lines and wrinkles.

Step 4: Apply vitamin E oils or cream under your eyes daily to keep the skin moisturized to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E helps protect your skin from UV rays.

Step 5: Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated. Caffeinated beverages and alcohol dry out the skin and should be consumed in moderation

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