1-Minute Makeovers

1-Minute Makeovers

A makeover isn’t always about chopping off all your hair or jumping on the pink-hair bandwagon. It’s usually the simple tweaks that can make all the difference. If you find yourself looking to change things up a bit, try one of these 1-minute makeovers.

1. Slick on a shock of hot pink lipstick for an instant wake-up.

2. Pink feel too Malibu Barbie? A rich red has the same effect.

3. Try a colored gloss or lip lacquer in lieu of a cream formula. Shiny, vinyl lips make a major impact.

5. “Lining the inner rim of the eye is a great way to add a little bit of what I like to call ‘instant fierceness’!”

6. Fake high cheekbones: swipe highlighter along the tops of your cheeks. Contour the hollows with matte powder bronzer.

7. Switch out your black mascara for a plum or turquoise shade on your lower lashes for a subtle color pop.

8. Use an eye shadow brush to coat your eyelashes with translucent face powder, then apply mascara on top. The powder helps to bulk up lashes for instant volume.

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