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Dallas Tint School of Cosmetology Beauty Tip: For the love of Spiral Curls

Dallas makeup artists school, Tint, thinks that the beauty about spring and summer is that it’s perfect for experimenting with curly, wavy styles. But when most women hear the term “spiral curls” images of Shirley Temple often come to mind. Spiral curls have come a long way since the 1930s. They are no longer considered frilly and outdated-and in fact, have taken on a fresh and modern approach. But if you’re not too familiar with how to wear (or achieve) this style, the look can be a little daunting.

Depending upon your hair, length, and texture there are are a number of ways in which to create spiral curls that will fit your particular style.

Hair Style: “Super” Spirals
Spiral Method: Straw Set

Hair Style: “Traditional” Spiral Curls
Spiral Method: Magnetic Rollers

Hair Style: Loose Spirals
Spiral Method: Bending Rods (also called Flexi-Rods)

Hair Style: Ultra Modern Spirals
Spiral Method: Manual Pin Curls (no rollers or rods)

Hair Style: “Custom-Made” Spirals
Spiral Method: Curling Irons

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