Hair Spray Talk!

Hair Spray Talk!

The Benefits of Hair Spray
Factors to Consider When Looking For the best Hair Spray

There are many factors that contribute to what makes a good hair spray choice for your daily needs. We have listed them below to help you make a decision on what kind of hair spray is best for you.

Strength of Hold
The vast majority of hair sprays are differentiated by their ability to maintain a “hold” or a style once your hair sets. There are 3 types of “holds”:

1. Flexible

A flexible hold hair spray is typically very light and is meant for light styling rather than building volume or promoting shine. They are exceptionally good at maintaining wavy hair, and allow for flexibility and hair movement while retaining enough staying power to last most of the day. They are also ideal for short hair as they allow for basic movement and flow without restricting your hair or causing stiffness. The downside to these products is that stiff winds, regular movement and basic forms of contact can eliminate their hold, causing your hairstyle to fall apart. However, in an office environment, these products are generally good enough to get you through your day.

Pros: Lightweight, great for short-term (4-6 hour) use, ideal for wavy hair
Cons: Does not keep hold very long, not good for long, thick hair, can’t retain a style for long
2. Medium

Medium hair sprays are the most commonly-used products on the market. They retain a stronger hold on hair than flexible products, but still allow for some movement and for more sturdy hair styles. Keeping bangs up throughout the day (as opposed to letting them grow limp) is an example of the difference between a medium hair spray and a flexible one. They are also excellent for short hair as they allow the style to last longer (almost always through the day) without the stiffness associated with maximum hold varieties. Medium hair sprays are an excellent middle-ground if you are not shooting for a particularly volume-oriented hair style.

Pros: General purpose for just about any situation, good for a day of work
Cons: Not specialized, not great for long, thick hair
3. Maximum

Maximum hold products are known for their ability to hold hair in place. They are best used when the desired hair style is one of stiffness or on a day when you absolutely can’t allow your hair to get out of control. An example of this might be someone with particularly thick hair that needs it to stay in place for a special event such as a wedding or birthday where movement is impossible to avoid. They are ideal for up-dos and for spiking hair in conjunction with a form of gel. The downside to these products is that they are known to hold hair in place and are nearly impossible to use on short hair styles without stiffness.

Pros: Extremely strong for any scenario, will last throughout the day
Cons: Not ideal for light waves and can be very heavy

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