Admission Requirements

Tint School Of Makeup & Cosmetology accepts as a regular student individuals who are:

  • 17 yrs. of age
  • High school diploma, GED or demonstrated ability to benefit from the course offered (ATB)
  • Visited the campus of interest prior to enrolling
International Students Admission Process:

Tint School Of Makeup & Cosmetology is approved by the Department of Homeland Security to accept international students. We are a nationally accredited cosmetology school with 3 campuses in the Dallas, Texas area and one campus in Seattle, Washington . Our focused classes allow for great focus on our student’s needs and the development of the artist as a professional.

The enrollment process for international students is simple:

  • To begin we answer all your questions, address logistical concerns you may have via email,
  • Once satisfied and ready, we set up a time to call you and ensure you do not have any more questions, further go over the program content to ensure its the right fit for your career objectives.
  • When ready we complete the enrollment agreement (this can happen during the phone call if all your questions are answered) and then email it to you for your review.
  • Once satisfied, you would print, sign, scan and email back with your course fees
  • Once we receive the signed agreement and payment has been processed, we will return the fully executed agreement, payment receipts, the I-20 and other relevant forms you will need to apply for a visa at the United States embassy in your home country.
  • The school cost of attendance has to be paid in full prior to issuing the I-20 in order to get the visa issued by the embassy.
  • Please visit our housing page to assist you in locating safe nearby housing during your stay. Do not hesitate to ask our admission representative for further information on any of the matters listed above. We are here to help and make sure this is a pleasant, healthy educational experience that will help you realize your dreams.

The application process takes as long as several weeks to complete so plan accordingly.

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